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Free Tutorial: How to Write ISO 27001 Procedure for Corrective Action

Corrective actions should be an improvement tool, not an overhead


There are many ways to initiate corrective actions – for instance, corrective action can be identified by performing auditing procedures. However, their use should be much wider: they should be the main vehicle for improvement in an organization.

Dejan Kosutic, one of the leading ISO 27001 experts, shows how to fill in each element of the document using the Procedure for Corrective Action template, and also how to write corrective actions using the Corrective Action Form template.

This unique video tutorial will enable you to understand the concept of corrective actions and learn how you can use them to start resolving nonconformities in a systematic way.


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Target audience: Companies preparing to write their Procedure for Corrective Action
Documents presented in video: Procedure for Corrective Action, Appendix – Corrective Action Form
Language: English
Presenter: Dejan Kosutic
Duration: 23m 21s
Format: Streaming video (delivered online)
Code: ISBCA-VT-EN-112


Chapter List


1. Introduction

1m 35s

2. ISO 27001 requirements

5m 5s

3. Structure of Procedure for Corrective Action

2m 11s

4. Decision-making process for procedure elements

1m 3s

5. Inputs for the procedure

1m 6s

6. Options for the procedure

1m 17s

7. Filling in the Procedure for Corrective Action

6m 21s

8. Filling in the Corrective Action Form

4m 45s

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